Sunday, November 1, 2009

Las Cabezas de San Juan

Surrounded by mangroves, flora and fauna, and gorgeous scenery, Las Cabezas de San Juan ("the headlands of San Juan") is a beautiful nature reserve located in the eastern tip of the island. Maintained by the Conservation Trust of Puerto Rico (El Fideicomiso de Conservación de Puerto Rico), despite its name, it is actually located in Fajardo. This nature reserve has a bioluminescent bay, and seven distinct coastal eco-systems. Las Cabezas is now officially one of my favorite places on the island. Visiting this nature reserve has made me appreciate the island's natural beauty so much more.

Tours of Las Cabezas officially last two hours, although ours lasted a little longer. We hopped on a trolley and were taken to see the reserve's mangrove forest, rocky beach and lighthouse, where we enjoyed panoramic views of the Fajardo area. We were able to see Vieques, Culebra and the Caya Icacos islands from the top of the lighthouse. At the end of our visit, the tour guide also gave us demonstrations of a sea cucumber, and other aquatic creatures. The tour was excellent and the nature reserve is very well maintained. In order to visit Las Cabezas, visitors must call the Conservation of PR and make reservations ahead of time. I would also suggest bringing a hat, sunscreen and wear comfortable clothing and shoes if going to the reserve. One last thing, bring plenty of water!

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