Sunday, May 11, 2008

Destinations: Isabela and Playa Jobos

To all the moms out there... Happy Mother's Day! I wanted to take
my Mom out and break-out of our usual Sunday routine, and venture out of San Juan! So, I chose to head out to Isabela, which is located in the Northwestern part of Puerto Rico. We had lunch at a very low-key, casual beachside restaurant. The photo above was our view... Yes, that's why I enjoy the Caribbean so much! The name of this beach is called Playa Jobos, which is really pretty and well-known for surfing. It's about another 30 minutes or so from Isabela's plaza center.

After lunch, we just drove around and ended up taking a small road off the highway. It was completely unmarked but I saw a few cars entering, and it looked like there was a pretty beach towards that direction. Turns out that this area was filled with festivities, including a live salsa band! However, what interested my Mom most was the shack selling fresh fish! That's it on the left.

Isn't it great when you encounter something fabulous just out of the blue and completely unexpected? My Mom and I had a great time today. Sun, beach, fresh fish, what more can you ask for? Hmm... I did have something else on my mind... ice cream! Near the center of Isabela, I saw a Rex Cream, an ice cream chain established by a Chinese immigrant (who happens to be my Dad's friend!), and it just made me so happy! Most of all, I shared a lovely day with my Mom.

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