Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hillary's Victory

I've been away from Puerto Rico for two weeks, and came back just in time for the Democratic primary election frenzy. At this moment, according to the latest projections, Hillary is said to have captured over 60% of the votes. This is not a surprise, as Puerto Ricans love the Clintons. However, it remains to be seen what the voter participation rate is, but I have a gut feeling it won't be too high. Most Boricuas just don't see the point of voting in the primaries, since they can't even vote in the presidential elections come November.

In the past, Puerto Rico has never played a crucial role in deciding who the presidential candidate should be for either political party. With this year's election, everything has changed. Suddenly, the candidates actually have to fly down here! So, what has been Puerto Rico's reaction? Unfortunately, I just don't feel the excitment or an abundance of energy here. Having just come back from Europe, where I was asked on several occasions about the election, there seems to be more interest amongst Europeans than Puerto Ricans when it comes to this year's U.S presidential elections.

The fight for the Democratic nomination is near its end. Obama is so close to winning it. Hillary's victory in Puerto Rico is interesting though. Perhaps, it does show how most Latinos do support her. Personally, I can't wait for this whole Hillary vs. Obama duel to be over with. Isn't it time for us to say 'enough is enough'?

(Photo Credit: Ramón Tonito Zayas/El Nuevo Día)

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