Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cherry Blossoms and Chowda'

It's nice to feel the warm sun and the island breeze again. Stepping out of the plane, and onto Boricua soil, the humidity felt nice and familiar. What an incredible difference from the past two and a half weeks! It's always nice to come back to Puerto Rico, but there are many things which I miss about living on the mainland. I suppose that makes for another blog entry. This trip, I served as a tour guide for someone close to me, who hails from another part of the world.

During our visits to DC and Boston, we got rain the first day, and bits of sunshine the following day. Despite the bad weather, we managed to see and do quite a lot. Although I've been to both cities, I went to college in Boston, it's always nice to show a first-time visitor around. We traveled from NY to DC on a Bolt bus, which has affordable prices and offers Wi-fi! However, they were half an hour behind schedule, and they did not have reserved seating on our bus. Their Website does say "reserved seating" as one of their "features."

Once we arrived in DC, we saw lots of cherry blossoms! We also visited many of the museums along Constitution Avenue, and took pictures outside the White House and Capitol Hill. The next day, we had to take refuge at the Lincoln Memorial because of the heavy downpour. While we were in Boston, we had the same type of weather. We had lunch at the revered Union Oyster House, and had some delicious New England Clam Chowder. We had a wonderful time visiting both cities, which are so different in character and ambiance.

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