Thursday, October 16, 2008

Omar, Where Art Thou?

For the past two days, people have been extremely nervous about Hurricane Omar. It certainly doesn't help when the local papers play on people's fears and blow things out of porportion. The headlines make things look a lot scarier than they actually turn out to be, and that's typical of the local media. For the past few days, the headlines just made it seem like Omar was destined for Puerto Rico. Everyone began to stock up on food and all sorts of necessities. Fear sells, I suppose.

As with most people who live here, I was waiting for Omar. I just wanted this to come and be over with! Unfortunately, my line of work does benefit from emergencies such as hurricanes. However, when people become desperate and can't get what they want in the manner in which they want it, things can get ugly. I was actually quite afraid of the consequences of Omar. Thankfully, all turned out well but the past two days were quite tiring, to say the least. I am also glad that Omar decided to change its trajectory towards the East. Phew! What a relief!

Last night, in San Juan, we just got a tiny bit of rain and practically zero wind. Ironically, people received little warning over last month's storm, which caused major flooding and landslides. Whereas with Omar, the press couldn't talk enough about it. Like many other things in Puerto Rico, everything works backwards here.

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