Wednesday, January 12, 2011

More Guns, More Crimes

In the aftermath of Saturday's fatal shooting in Arizona, where six people were killed and 14 were wounded, the U.S is now reflecting on how and why this deranged individual committed such a horrendous crime. The left accuses the right of using hateful rhetoric, nudged on by the likes of Sarah Palin. Perhaps what is most worrisome is the ability of someone with psychological problems to purchase a gun. As it turns out, Arizona is a state with lax gun control laws. In fact, the state does not require a permit to carry concealed weapons. As with the Colombine and Virginia Tech shootings, what occurred in Arizona has brought up once again a perennial topic of debate, and one which will never be resolved: gun control.

While practically anyone can carry a gun in Arizona, the same can be said in Puerto Rico. According to an article published by El Nuevo Día back in October, a record number of people applied for a gun permit in 2010. This is largely in response to the rising crime levels, mostly drug-related cases, on the island. People feel safer having a gun in their possession. However, this has not resulted in a lower incidence of crime. There were 982 murders registered in Puerto Rico last year, making it the second most violent. In 1994, the most deadliest, 995 people were murdered. The homicide rate per capita in Puerto Rico is higher than in any other state in the U.S. What's most troublesome is the large number of people on the island who own firearms without the proper documentation. In Puerto Rico, purchasing a gun is almost as easy as purchasing a gallon of milk at a grocery store. For those gun rights activitsts who adamantly believe that owning a gun results in lower crime rates, Puerto Rico proves you wrong.

(Photo credit: Elaine Thompson/Associated Press)


Anonymous said...

Simply "owning" a gun does little to deter crime. If PR permitted concealed carry permits, you would see crime plummet in PR.

Kofla Olivieri said...

I guess the way crime rate is going (O.K.Corral in P.R.) everyone would have to own a firearm to protect themselves.

adriana said...

Saludos Kofla,

Studies have shown that owning a gun does not help to lower crime rates. On the contrary, if it was much harder to purchase a gun, the murder rate would be much lower.