Tuesday, July 6, 2010

On the topic of Puerto Rico

With much heartfelt gratitude and appreciation, I was approached with the opportunity to submit a blog entry to a travel Website, Unpaved South America, a while back. The editor asked me to write about Puerto Rico, and gave me the liberty to write from whichever angle I desired. Since many have not heard about this small island, I chose to focus on the things which makes Puerto Rico unique. Therefore, I decided to write about the island's relationship with the U.S, and the mixture of cultures which permeates the island. Hope you all enjoy reading, "Dichotomy in the 'Island of Enchantment.'"


Girl*wander said...

Great work! I really enjoy your blog as you give great insight into the history, current state and 'sabor' of PR.

adriana said...

Hello Girl*wander,

Thank you for your comments! It's greatly appreciated. :)

Anonymous said...

Love reading your blog, keeps me updated on things happening in PR while living in NJ.