Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Destination: Lago Dos Bocas, Utuado

It was a national holiday, Three Kings Day (Día de Reyes), today and we decided to go on a road trip! Although Puerto Rico is not a big island, there just always seems to be a new place to be discovered. About two months ago, when we visited Hacienda San Pedro, we had passed by a sign which said "Lago Dos Bocas" (it literally translates to "Two Mouth Lake") in Utuado. I thought to myself then, we'll have to go sometime. Lago Dos Bocas is generally a place where people go to eat fish. Today, we had no problem getting there, since the roads were clearly marked. From San Juan, we needed to head west, it took us just about an hour and fifteen mintues or so to get to the dock. There are two public ferries, and most restaurants have their own private boats to shuttle customers back and forth.

During the ferry ride, we saw several restaurants, most of which serve comida criolla (Puerto Rican cuisine). As it was a holiday, I called in advance to see which restaurants would be open. I would highly recommend visitors to do so, since many of them only open on weekends. The place we ended up eating at is called Restaurante Otoao, where the food was excellent and the service was superb! (Note: I am not affiliated with Restaurant Otoao). I ordered a mofongo relleno de pescado (mashed plantains with fish) and it was delicious. Most people who go to Lago Dos Bocas are not tourists but Puerto Ricans who come from all over the island to eat great food and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. The lake is surrounded by mountains and lush vegetation. I highly recommend a visit to Lago Dos Bocas!

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