Sunday, September 14, 2008

Living in Puerto Rico: Likes and Dislikes

This afternoon, after nearly waiting for two hours at one of the CEE's offices, I finally got my voter registration card! Unfortunately, practically anything dealing with the local government must be done in person. This includes paying any applicable property taxes, license renewal, etc. If you ever find yourself having to visit a local Puerto Rican government agency, be sure to bring something to read.

Patience is indeed a virtue, especially if you live in the Island of Enchantment. Today, while I was waiting for my number to be called, in order to get registered to vote, I couldn't help but think about all the things I disliked about Puerto Rico. However, before I go off, let me start with the positive:

Things I like about PR:

1) The weather: I can go running all year long!
2) The people: I have been rescued by complete strangers.
3) The beaches: PR is surrounded by some of the most gorgeous beaches!
4) Spanish (or Spanglish): my Spanish has improved a lot (I think) since I returned.
5) Last, but not least, my family!

Things I dislike about PR:

1) Lack of diversity: as I am of Chinese descent, people often stare at me, and are shocked when I tell them that I was born here! Yes, I know, they're just curious.
2) Government: inefficiency seems to be the rule of thumb, hence the yearly deficit.
3) Customer Service: something left to be desired for.
4) Driving: the only thing that is super fast and quick in the Island of Enchantment.
5) Flooding: often happens in many of the major streets and roads after a heavy downpour.


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Karen/Atlanta said...

Adriana, did I ever tell you I love reading your blog? Can't wait to see you again. What's new?

Speaking Boricua said...

The "chinos" thing always gets me to me too... I'm not Chinese (although I am a redhead so I get the stares too) but, having grown up in an area with a lot of Asians, it always boggles me how people can stare so awkwardly.

It seems we touch a lot of the same topics in our blogs--you should stop by mine sometime! :)