Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter!

It's Easter weekend, which is of utmost signifcance in Puerto Rico, as in most parts of Latin America. Most people here are Catholic, but I'm not sure exactly how many go to church on a regular basis. The photo on the left was taken in Granada, Nicaragua, a pretty colonial city which we visited during our two-week adventure in Central America. This is the city's main cathedral located in the central plaza. Throughout our trip, I couldn't help but notice how religious the Nicaraguans were. On the radio, on the bus, I would hear and see many references made to God.

It was certainly a humbling experience, being able to see how one's faith can give so much hope, and a sense of peace. Although I'm not religious, I think Easter is a wonderful celebration of re-birth and renewal. It also serves as a reminder that Spring is right around the corner!

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