Saturday, January 12, 2008

Tiny Decisions can Lead to Huge Differences...

I recently came across an interesting article with the following title: "The Power to Live Consciously." It included a list of decisions each one of us makes. Take a look and ask yourself: do the decisions I make help me reach my goals and my utmost potential?

1. What time you get out of bed

2. To whom you dedicate most of your time

3. Which books you read

4. How many hours of TV you watch, and which programs you watch

5. Which calls you return

6. What time you go to bed

7. How you use your credit card

8. What and how much you eat

9. Your willingness to take risks

10. How much exercise you get
The reason why I liked the article so much is because it made so much sense to me. It's a new year, and we often start it off with new year's resolutions. Instead, why don't we just start off slowly by examining the decisions we make? Most importantly, by living in the present.

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