Friday, November 16, 2007

The Death of "Al Pacino"

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Please take note of the following: the "Al Pacino" I'm referring to in the title is not the actor himself, star of Scarface and other fantastic movies, but a Brazilian show dog. Yes, unfortunately, this is another entry about the death of animals. However, this one occurred under different circumstances. This incident happened last week, when the the owner of "Al Pacino" (aka "Bob") a Brazilian man who was in PR for the International Dog Expo, stopped to ask for directions. He left his rental car unattended and, upon his return, he found his car missing, along with "Al Pacino." The next day, the police found the car. "Al Pacino" was inside, but it was already too late. The poor dog died because the thief who stole the car didn't bother opening a window for him. They could also have let him go, a thought which probably didn't cross his or her mind.

As you can see by the photo, "Al Pacino" was not some little chihuahua. I highly doubt that they didn't notice a huge cage in the back. This was actually the first time that Puerto Rico hosted the dog expo, which "Al Pacino" won. Perhaps, it will be the last. I don't know, but this incident certainly won't help PR's reputation. The thief is still looming large, and he or she most likely had no idea of "Al Pacino's" fame. He's considered to be Brazil's top dog. Sadly, I believe many people simply lack morals. I think the way we treat animals also reflects how humans treat each other. Is it a coincidence that PR has a very high crime rate as well? For the time being, I think we need a pet detective here in Puerto Rico. We need an Ace Ventura-type to solve all these pet crimes. Seriously, something needs to be done. Any ideas would be welcomed.

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